Overachieving Ovaries

Well, there’s a first for everything, and today was that day when it came to follicle growth for me! I’m used to going in for a scan after a round of medicine and being told nothing had grown, resulting in more medication to get one little follicle. I’ve only been on Puregon for four days, and my ovaries has responded really well. I’ve got eight good sized follicles on my right ovary and some smaller ones on my left. I’ve never seen so many follicles on a scan ever! As a result, my retrieval will likely be upped from Friday to Wednesday now and I don’t have to give myself the Puregon shot today. I’ll resume it tomorrow and Sunday, but at a lower dosage. I have another appointment on Monday morning, and I’ll know for sure if I’m doing the retrieval Wednesday. In the meantime, today was the first day that I’ve truly felt the bloating, and it’s as uncomfortable as I’d been told it would be. I’m enormous and clothes feel awful, unless they’re sweatpants. It’s only for a few more days, but I don’t know how my belly could get much bigger as those follicles continue to grow. It’s only going to last a few more days though, so I can certainly handle it. 🙂

That being said, I think I’ll be spending the majority of my weekend in comfy clothes, laying on my couch, and letting my overachieving ovaries rest.

Today’s bloating. It doesn’t look as bad as it feels–the shirt is a good cover 🙂 

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